LaQue – urushibo(ウルシボ) – vid(ビッド)

urushibo 2020 東京オリンピック 限定販売

urusiboの オリンピックカラーバージョン を限定販売しています。

輪島塗 ぬり工房 楽 ( / 090-8261-0578 ) まで

urushibo olympic color
Stylish urushibo cups with genuine urushi coating

オリンピック限定色 / Blue(青漆)・Yellow(黄漆)・Green(緑漆)・Black(黒漆)・Red(赤漆)
仕様 / 練乾漆® × 銅カップ
素材 /  麻布、地の粉、天然漆、銅
Tall(サイズ Φ80mm × h105mm 容量400ml)60,000円(税別)
Short(サイズ Φ80mm × h75mm 容量280ml)55,000円(税別)



Wajimanuri Studio RAKU has launched its new brand “LaQue” to offer consumers attractive products which
will meet our modern lifestyle while utilizing inherited techniques to our Wajima urushi ware. Urushibo cups
exhibit a unique combination of cupper and urushi, which Wajimanuri Studio RAKU has developed based
upon our exclusive nerikanshitsu technique. Vid is a urethane coated copper cup showing a more stylish
and contemporary look. Both are innovative craft products yet very functional.

LaQue urushibo


Urushibo is a copper cup coated with urushi. The cup is crafted with our exclusive technique “nerikanshitsu”, which Wajimanuri Studio RAKU has developed. Double layers of hemp cloth applied around the copper surface keep your drink cold while preventing surface condensation and your fingers from getting cold. In addition, your drink tastes milder due to the effect of copper ion. Also, urushibo, a primary component of urushi (sap taken from urushi tree) helps keep the cup clean with its antimicrobial effect. We have adopted tataki-urushi (undercoating technique) as a final coating for higher durability, softer texture, and matte finish.

● Black(黒漆):LU-T400B(Tall)、LU-S280B(Short)
● Red(朱漆):LU-T400R(Tall)、LU-S280R(Short)
● Green(緑漆):LU-T400G(Tall)、LU-S280G(Short)
● Ash(灰漆):LU-T400A(Tall)、LU-S280A(Short)

仕様:練乾漆®×銅カップ 素材:麻布、地の粉、天然漆、銅

Specifications: copper with nerikanshitsu urushi finish
Material: hemp cloth, jinoko (a mixture of burnt earth, rice paste, and urushi), urushi, copper

[ Tall ] Size: Φ80mm x h105mm (400ml) ¥60,000
[ Short ] Size: Φ80mm x h75mm (280ml) ¥55,000

※価格は税抜価格となります。 ※製品は桐箱と保証書が付属されます。
*Listed price is only for Japan.The overseas price is depends on the country. *Listed product is including a box of paulownia wood with a warranty.

LaQue vid


Vid, urethane coated copper cups, helps your drink taste milder due to the effect of copper ion. Vid also keeps your drink or cold food cold. Functional yet excitingly colorful cups certainly accentuate your style.

● Red(レッド):LV-T400R(Tall)、LV-S280R(Short)
● Yellow(イエロー):LV-T400Y(Tall)、LV-S280Y(Short)
● Aqua(アクア):LV-T400A(Tall)、LV-S280A(Short)
● Blue(ブルー):LV-T400B(Tall)、LV-S280B(Short)

仕様:ウレタン×銅カップ 素材:ウレタン、銅
Specifications: copper with urethane finish
Material: urethane coating, copper

[ Tall ] Size: Φ80mm x h105mm (400ml) ¥25,000
[ Short ] Size: Φ80mm x h75mm (280ml) ¥20,000

※価格は税抜価格となります。 ※製品は桐箱と保証書が付属されます。
*Listed price is only for Japan.The overseas price is depends on the country. *Listed product is including a box of paulownia wood with a warranty.

Brand Direction / Product Design

浅野 真一郎
2012年に Shinn Asano Design(シンアサノデザイン)を設立。
イタリアミラノ「A’ Design Award」家具部門 金賞受賞。

Shinn Asano
Art director / designer
Founded Shinn Asano Design Co., Ltd. in 2012.
Active in wide range of design such as graphic to furniture and product.
Golden A’ Design Award, Milan, Italy.